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About Us

We love serving our many floral customers.  We worked in our family business for decades and at the passing of our husband/father, we opened our own business in 2012.  We've been in the floral industry for a long time and have seen the fashion and style change over the last 40+ years.


Andrea Beyer has written a series of children's books called "Grim Tails."  They are true stories of Grim the Cat and his friends.  You may purchase a copy of Grim Tails from us or online HERE. Andrea is also an independent distributor for Young Living and is trained in body work which you can also find information on at the same link.

We love creating flowers for every occasion and we deliver.  Our customers become our family and we're proud to be there for all of life's special moments, both happy and sad.

A note from Andrea:

I started making bows when I was about 3-4 years old and my little hands could barely hold the ribbon.  Mom was making them at Christmas time and I wanted to do it too!  My parents bought a flower shop when I was about 7 years old.  My grandma had a flower shop before I was born so I never worked in that one.  I started off learning how to make bud vases and box and wrap flowers.  When I was in 4th grade, I recall being really interested in learning more about floral design and Dolly (our floral designer) taught me how to wrap wire (basically how to handle floral tape) and guided me in making a silk arrangement for a school contest.  I recall her telling me what my goal make it look like a round centerpiece and I also recall her really not helping at all as she wanted me to do it myself.  I had the privilege of working over the years, not only with Mom but with a lot of other awesome designers who I still think about often.  I learned so much from each of them.  I worked in the flower shop any time I wasn't at school and when I graduated college started full time.  I also took a lot of art classes in college where the teachers challenged me to push my projects further.  There's no doubt being a floral designer is in my blood!  I've since gone on to become an Accredited Floral Designer.  It's such a blessing to be able to do floral design every day with my Mom, Fran.

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